Lucid Moments

Lucid Moments - one of the art works, a 3D installation, I've created in NCA

Lucid Moments – one of the art works, nurse a 3D installation, I created during my time in National College of Arts, my present university – was a representation of how life is just a sum total of moments frozen in time. These are the moments when ambiguities become clear and stand out in life as defining experiences.

The moments that came to my mind making this artwork were when I was in my high school and I was deciding what subjects to take. I had never experienced exploring colors on canvas. I looked on as the teacher demonstrated shading a portrait using 6B shading pencils, how the darkest colors would require the darkest shading, she demonstrated her shading techniques and got me hooked on to her subject, as I watched mesmerized the magic of a solo pencil. That day, I knew that this moment would define who I would be for the rest of my life.

I remembered my everyday experiences in life and was astonished to see that things I had never thought about jiggled up in my mind; I was open to see the variation of life itself. My artwork was exactly the depiction of this.

The interest I had in the folds of my dress, the curves and lines of a shoe, it all made sense. I thought about things like never before. These small things mattered to me.

The pebbles were collected from various dams in Pakistan. They show the moments I have experienced,the good and bad.The fish wire used depicts my life-line and identity.

This work is to date exhibited in National College Of Arts. It is around 8ft in height.